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Tilly Gram

What better way to brighten someone’s day than by sending that special someone a professionally hand-wrapped Air Plant Gift Kit complete with wooden greeting tag and custom greeting note card with handwritten personalized message. Our signature Tilly Gram is a unique substitute to the traditional bouquet of flowers, and unlike the bouquet of flowers which typically lasts for just a few weeks, your gift recipient will get to enjoy their air plant terrarium and watch it grow for years to come!

The air plant or tillandsia lives within its mossy glass home without soil and is easily removable. Air plants are very low maintenance; they require only water, indirect light and a sprinkle of love to flourish. Professionally printed detailed care instructions are included with your gift order.

Our Tilly Gram makes the perfect gift for generally any occasion! This Tilly Gram includes a handpicked vibrant, lush green air plant, a hand-blown glass cylinder vase, a generous patch of chartreuse green reindeer moss, and a personalized, laser-engraved wooden greeting tag of choice. The greeting tags offer the following messages for you to choose from: 1) Best Wishes 2) Congrats 3) Get Well Soon 4) Happy Birthday 5) Hi! 6) I Love You 7) I Miss You 8) Thinking of You. Each Tilly Gram is hand wrapped with the utmost love and care and includes a professionally printed air plant care card. For your convenience, our Tilly Grams come fully assembled upon arrival.

NOTE: All creations are made from the loving and careful pairing of quality natural objects and the healthiest plants. As with all natural objects, slight natural variations will occur. Differences only add to the unique beauty and individuality of each object.

GIFTING INSTRUCTIONS: Just indicate your greeting tag of choice and provide a brief message that you would like to send to your recipient, their name, and their mailing address when checking out. Otherwise, this will be shipped to the buyer.

DIMENSIONS: The Glass Cylinder Vase measures approximated 4.5” tall. The Air Plant that you receive will measure around 2.5″-3.5″.

MATERIALS: (1) Hand-blown Glass Cylinder Vase (1) Handpicked Air Plant (1) Handpicked Patch of Chartreuse Green Reindeer Moss (1) Tissue Paper & Gift Box Fillers (1) Ribbon (1) Gift Box Made From 100% Recyclable Materials (1) Handwritten Card With Your Personalized Message for the Recipient (1) Wooden Greeting Tag of Choice

SHIPPING: Fast shipping and FREE Tracking with USPS Priority Mail. Shipping to the continental USA only. For your convenience, we offer combined shipping and handling rates as estimated upon checkout.

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