About Prismatic Gardens

Our Mission

As Swiss Psychologist Carl G. Jung so eloquently noted, “Natural life is the nourishing soil of the soul.” Prismatic Gardens is founded on a mission of uniting individuals with nature, bringing them closer to their native roots.

Our Story

Each creation tells a story. Here’s ours!

Prismatic Gardens celebrates the exquisite and mystic beauty of the natural world, drawing inspiration from the universe and depth psychology to redefine home décor. Through the inclusion of uncommon botanicals, terrariums, minerals, curiosities and antiquities, we exalt the peculiar and the hauntingly beautiful to weave an entirely new narrative—combining airy delights with dream-like tokens emblematic of life and death.

In this way, Prismatic Gardens transforms natural elements into unique creations which inspire curiosity and enamor the heart. Each design results from a magical process, whereby organic synergy draws distinctive elements into fine balance. Whatever the request, we meticulously hand-select all raw materials and use a discerning eye to arrive at a multi-textured design rich in nature’s alchemy.

Our Materials & Process

Each distinctive terrarium or botanical art piece we create is handcrafted in our studio. Raw materials are: grown or preserved naturally, acquired sustainably and meet our exacting ethical standards. In short, we take as much pride in process and end-product curation as we do personal character. Botanical elements are sourced from our own gardens or those of local vendors. Support materials are sometimes acquired from humane harvesters and trusted fabricators in The Philippines, Japan or North America.

Our Founder

SIGRIET FERRER | Owner, Creator & Plant Artist

Sigriet “Siggy” Ferrer launched Prismatic Gardens in 2013, giving outward expression to her lifelong obsession with botany, science and curiosities of all kinds. Siggy is an active member of the artisan community with a deep-rooted passion for learning and more than a decade’s experience. She regularly leads terrarium workshops, designs custom botanicals, exhibits gallery installations and appears at art and fine craft shows across the United States. 

Press & Media Inquiries

Enrapt digital and print audiences with help from Prismatic Gardens!

Are you a member of the media? Brilliant! Rich in visual interest and textural detail, Prismatic Gardens products are seductively photogenic. Easy to work with and stunning from every angle, they’re ideal models for: cover art, splash art and feature art. We have a slew of images to choose from, though you’re welcome to book a photo session. While you’re at it, request an interview with our Founder Sigriet “Siggy” Ferrer.

Direct Press & Media inquiries to:

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We’ll reply within 72 hrs.

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